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March 2019

A Manicure and your session || Idaho Falls, ID Boudoir Photographer

Getting a manicure before your session isn’t required, but you should because you know you totally deserve one 🤣.
Your nails won’t make or break the session but it is always best to make sure they are cleaned up and painted a solid color if you’d like to make sure they’ll look great.
I would make sure your nail color is a reflection of you — If bright is your jam, go that way. Or if you prefer dark, black or maroon looks amazing. Mary’s nude nails looked amazing with her skin tones. You don’t have to make it complicated, just make sure its a reflection of you! (And that they look nice, no chipped nail polish hot mess express 🤪)
And if all else fails, I have nail polish remover and a few simple basic colors of polish at the studio, because lets be honest, sometimes life happens ♥

Late International Women’s Day || Idaho Falls, ID Boudoir photography

“To all the movers, the makers, the hustlers, the shakers. To those who shout loud, who stand strong, and when needed those who quietly move on. To those who build empires, move mountains, push boundaries, raise babies, make memories and refuse to take no for an answer. You are the ladies paving the way for a new generation who are ready to play. Stand tall and stand proud for all that you are. Not what the media says you should be, but the you that is here, standing now and amazing.”

It’s International Women’s Day and basically I just couldn’t miss an excuse to brag on all the gorgeous ladies who despite their fears and anxiety chose themselves for at least one day and let me in on the celebration 😍
This isn’t even close to everyone, and if I missed your photo I am SO sorry, (Photoshop had a panic attack when I got too many photos involved 🤣) I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for all of you ❤️❤️❤️🎉

Posing and your own session

Part of every session with Cowlicks and Kisses Boudoir studio includes FULL posing advice. I show you every pose, explain it, put you in it and then coach the details like facial expression and fingertips. Shooting generally lasts around two hours we have plenty of time to work through your nerves, get some great outfits in, and a huge variety of poses!

I know the two photos seem ridiculously extreme, but the tiny things add up :: The double chin, the lack of curves, the elongation of the body just by pointing your toes, the arching of the back to create more curves and establish some light and separation between the floor. It’s a lot of little things that add up to make the magic.
I know it seems overwhelming and you’re secretly wondering, how in the actual hell am I going to remember all of that?!?!? But guess what? That’s what I’m here for, I’ve been doing this exclusively for so long now I’ll see those little things and remind you. All I do is pose women, so no need to worry that I’m going to forget how to do my job because I’ve been off posing families for three weeks prior to your boudoir session.
I got you, and your gorgeous booty plus I have all the knowledge to pose you flawlessly 😍😍😍