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Girl, you could choose to be naked the whole shoot and you could totally rock it, but if you’re not quite comfortable with that idea yet, bodysuits are the perfect wardrobe piece that flatters everyone!!

Obviously, there are a gazillion choices in the client wardrobe that all photograph beautifully but if you do want to buy your own, I have a few tips!

  1. Choose high quality pieces!! You are better off to show up with one or two high end pieces than buy a whole bunch of cheapos that are made of cheap material. It shows. Sometimes you get lucky, I’m not going to pretend like there is nothing from in the client wardrobe. If you’re going to purchase from there – read the reviews. That’s usually a good indication of what you are ending up with. A few of my favorite places are Victoria Secret, La Senza, and Torrid.
  2. Watch for the details of the piece. Things like lace, ruffles, velvet, are all selling points for me. Those details can help make or break a piece, and make sure the details you choose are ones that match your personality. If you are a glitter girl, you need to rock some sequins! Make sure you choose things that you love, you want your personality to shine through.
  3. Well fitting. Make sure the pieces are well fitting. If they cut into you. it adds unnecessary rolls. If its too big, it hands and doesn’t hug those curves that we will show off. Make sure they fit properly. The way you look in the dressing room mirror isn’t an accurate representation of how hot you’ll look posed perfectly on the bed, but do make sure the pieces you do choose, fit right!

When you book your session, I’ll help you from start to finish. Whether its bringing your own pieces or borrowing whats there – just let me know what you need help with and I’ll make sure we have your gorgeous butt covered (or not if thats what you want!! ) ♥

All of these pieces are available in the client wardrobe

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