What can I expect from a session, start to finish?

You will start off by booking your session. I communicate primarily with e-mail or Facebook messaging in order to keep organized, but sessions can always be arranged by phone. You will receive a confirmation e-mail one week before your session and I would love to answer any questions or address ANY concerns you might have. On the day of your session, I will meet you at the specified location {or at my studio} and will lead you through your session, including any poses you have in mind to use. Payment will be collected at the time of  the session so you don’t have to worry about it and your pictures will be ready at the specified time (14 business days for portrait sessions, sometimes a little longer in the busy spring and fall seasons). You can go home and relax after all of your hard work at the session and I will select and edit your images. I will contact you when your pictures are ready, send you a link to your own online gallery. Prints and other materials can be ordered at any time! Rest assured that you will be contacted the moment your pictures are ready and not a moment later.

How do I book a session?

Booking your session is as easy as sending an e-mail to cowlicksandkisses@gmail.com or calling me at 208-604-0680 or even messaging me on Facebook. Once your inquiry is received, a session can be planned via e-mail, or phone with me. I am happy to do consultations in person with any prospective client, no matter what the session is. I will help you to select a date and location and plan to meet at the specified time to begin your session. Once the session date has been selected, clients will be required to sign a short contract in order to secure their date.

When should I book my session?

As soon as possible is what I always say, it’s never too soon to start planning and getting yourself on the calendar is the best way to get motivated to get planning. Turn around time on albums/product is 4-5 weeks from your shoot date so you want to at least make sure you’re going to have those back before any special occasion/reason you’re wanting them for.
It’s never too soon to book a consult, even if you might be wanting to wait a few months before your actually do your session, at least then we can make a plan and I can make sure I have room on the calendar for you

Do you have a studio?

Yes! It is located at 548 Shoup Ave Suite 203 in Idaho Falls, ID

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I understand this is an investment in yourself and sometimes it can be overwhelming to come up with the money all at once. Talk to me, we’ll figure out a plan that works best for both of us and get you the photos you’ve been wanting!!

Nervous about your session and want to bring a friend?!
A friend is always welcome at your session! As long as they are going to be encouraging and cheer for you, bring them in! Some people are relaxed having a support system there, some people aren’t. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to bring some encouragement. (You’ll always get plenty from me, but hey, I know sometimes having a friend helps)

Bestie sessions are also always an option! We book you on the same day, back to back, so you can both get pampered and enjoy your day together. And if you want to have a few photos together, I can make it happen. If you book a bestie session, you both get $150 off your session fee 😍🙌🎉

Do I have to sign a model release?

Your privacy is *SO* important to me, did you know its not required to sign a model release? 70% of the sessions I shoot, never see the light of day except for the clients use If you’d like to share it can be a full or anonymous photo release. It does not matter to me either way, I want you to know that I respect whatever you choose, and if you let me share them, I am forever grateful 😍😍😍

How do I pay for my session?

$250 non refundable deposits must be paid the day booking the session to hold your spot, unless otherwise arranged with Kelli Larsen. Sessions can be paid for by cash, credit card, Paypal, or check written out to Kelli Larsen or Cowlicks and Kisses Photography.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are only two additional fees that may come up for your session. They are as follows:

1. $150 Rush Fee. You may opt to add a $75 Rush Fee to your session fee if you need your images to be completed sooner than the completion time specified in your package. This is based off of the current workload and may or may not be available during busy times of the year.

2. Travel Fee. We do our best to keep our prices low and serve the Idaho Falls, ID without charging travel fees, but will need to charge a specified travel fee if your session location is further than 50 miles one way from Idaho Falls, ID. The fee is as follows:

$30 initial fee for locations further than 30 miles one way, + $1 for every additional mile (one way).

Please consider the time involved in driving to a long distance location. Additional hours of driving require hours away from the office and from editing and working on previous sessions. This has been factored in to the pricing of our travel fee.



Any other questions or concerns feel free to email me at kelli_larsen@yahoo.com



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