Late International Women’s Day || Idaho Falls, ID Boudoir photography

“To all the movers, the makers, the hustlers, the shakers. To those who shout loud, who stand strong, and when needed those who quietly move on. To those who build empires, move mountains, push boundaries, raise babies, make memories and refuse to take no for an answer. You are the ladies paving the way for a new generation who are ready to play. Stand tall and stand proud for all that you are. Not what the media says you should be, but the you that is here, standing now and amazing.”

It’s International Women’s Day and basically I just couldn’t miss an excuse to brag on all the gorgeous ladies who despite their fears and anxiety chose themselves for at least one day and let me in on the celebration 😍
This isn’t even close to everyone, and if I missed your photo I am SO sorry, (Photoshop had a panic attack when I got too many photos involved 🤣) I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for all of you ❤️❤️❤️🎉

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