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Not all poses are created equal

I’ve seen it a thousand times, someone gets photos done and complains about how fat they look but here is the deal : even the skinniest person can look fat with the wrong pose.

I’ll throw myself under the bus on this one, I had created a dress and wanted photos of it. I’ve taught my husband how to focus my camera, so I set the settings, toss it to him and expect the magic to happen. Hahahahahah I all thought. It doesn’t. It takes time and patience and looking at the back of the camera a million times before we find the perfect, most flattering pose for me.
I can’t know on the other side of the lens what is looking best for me that day, and because this isn’t his profession, he doesn’t quite get it either. I have poses I know and use, but if I don’t have some help with the details, it doesn’t end well.

But that’s the joy that comes from hiring a professional, that studies their art, and spend countless hours learning how to be better. If you’ve ever been a client of mine you’ve heard me say, “Arch your back, or Pop your booty” I can see what you can’t and I can give you exactly what you are wanting. Super flattering photos that you can’t wait to show off.
It is literally all in the details, the tiniest of details, and you want the person holding that you’re trusting to capture you to know that ♥

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